Flooding causes big problems at Oklahoma lake

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LAKE TEXOMA, Okla. — Many Oklahoma lakes are finding renewed energy from all the rain our state has seen this month.

However, in some cases, the rain is causing flooding at those lakes, causing big problems for the upcoming holiday weekend.

“It’s a mess. It’s a mess,” said Bobby Sanders, manager of the Soldier Creek area at Lake Texoma.

Recent rains have taken over, flooding the Soldier Creek area and other areas around the lake.

Unfortunately, the flooding could not have come at a worse time.

 “It’s kind of a bust for Memorial Day,” Bobby said.

The restaurant and boats are unreachable in that area, and the bathrooms are almost completely under water.

Larry Henson says he was just here, fishing with his grandsons two weeks ago.

He can’t believe the difference.

 “We were really catching fish, and now here we are looking at this. It’s really sad,” Henson said.

 “From one extreme to the other,” Bobby said.

In recent years, low water has been down causing business to slow.

Now, high water is causing some issues.

There were even a few homes near the lake that had to moved to higher ground.

“Chaos, it’s wet. Trucks can’t get traction on wet ground, they’re big trucks. It’s just chaos,” said Marc Thurmond, who owns a home near the lake.

The water is up at least 17 feet above what is considered full.

Another five or six feet and it will hit the spillway.

Bobby and those who love the area are hoping and praying that doesn’t happen.

He said, “Get rid of some water. Everyone start filling your pockets and take some home.”

While the Soldier Creek area won’t be able to open for the holiday this weekend, they are hoping the water will be back down in time for the Fourth of July.

Bobby says the Memorial Day weekend typically accounts for about 30-percent of their annual earnings. He’s hoping to be able to make that up somehow.

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