OKCPD officer accused of unlawfully pointing his gun bonds out of jail

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OKLAHOMA CITY-- An Oklahoma City police officer was booked into jail Wednesday.

 Sgt. Cecil Moss turned himself in around 10 a.m. He posted a $4,000 dollar bond about 20 minutes later.

 Moss is accused of pointing a firearm at a car with three people inside, including his grandchild and the father of the little boy.

 According to attorney Scott Adams, Moss was sued after he confronted a black man and white woman in a car.

 "He came up on them, accused them of doing some inappropriate sexual activity, placed them both under arrest, took the gentleman's phone," Adams said.

 Next, Adams says Moss called the man’s wife.

 "Left a message to the effect that your husband is down here with a prostitute in Oklahoma City. I thought it would be better off to tell you, you know, than to take him to jail. In addition to that, 'she's white,"  Adams said.

 Adams says the message was not only unprofessional but racist.

 "Why in the world do you have to interject race into it whatsoever?” Adams asked.

 It was a victory for Adams when the case was settled. Then, disappointment when he saw Moss in the news accused of unlawfully drawing his weapon.

 "It did not surprise me to see him jump up in another instance where there's some inappropriate behavior going on," Adams said.

 For a second time, we reached out to Moss at his home. We found a truck in the driveway, but no one came to the door.

 Moss is currently on paid administrative leave.

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