Watch: Stephen Curry’s daughter steals the show at post-game press conference

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The Golden State Warriors are going head to head with the Houston Rockets in a best-of-seven series to reach the NBA finals.

The Warriors pulled out a “thrilling win,” and while the media was expecting some words from Golden State point guard Steph Curry, his daughter had some commentary of her own.

Two-year-old Riley stole the spotlight in the Game 1 post-game press conference as she made her way on stage, and inevitably, onto her daddy’s lap.

“Daddy, be quiet,” she said.

Curry tried to continue with the press conference, but it wasn’t long before his sweet baby girl was running a muck… fake sneezing, fake yawning, and waving to the crowd.

But with eyes like Riley’s, it’s no wonder she can get away with anything.

“She is just like this. She’s only two, it’s the craziest thing ever,” Steph said.



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