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Casket unearthed by force of flood waters in Houston

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HOUSTON, Tex. — A bicyclist made a bizarre discovery when he found a casket on a sidewalk Tuesday morning.

Police believe stormwaters lifted the casket out of the ground from nearby Riceville Cemetery, then carried it about 100 yards.

Yoel Rubio was riding his bicycle along a bayou path, when he saw the casket.

“I’ve never seen anything like it,” Rubio said. “It was crazy.”

After unsuccessfully trying to move the casket out of the middle of the path, Rubio called police. They say a woman’s body was found inside.

Rubio unsuccessfully tried to move the casket, and called police for help. They say a woman’s body was inside; a medical examiner will work to identify the body.

Deacon Reginald Fields says he believes the body belongs to a female church member who died seven or eight years ago.

“It’s disheartening when you have a situation like this,” Fields said.  “Nobody wants to come eight years later to relive someone’s death.”


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