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Major Canadian County bridge closed due to flooding

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CANADIAN COUNTY, Okla. --More rain in the forecast means some roads and bridges are also in jeopardy.

After last weekend some gave way, including a road approaching a vital bridge crossing over the South Canadian River. The road is washed out tonight.

We're talking about Ranch Road in Canadian County. It’s connects to the Caddo Jake Bridge just south of I-40 in Canadian County. A number of residents in nearby Cogar and Hinton rely on this structure.

Charles McBee has lived near the bridge for 69 years.

McBee said, “It (the water) was over the black top to start with.”

McBee comes out to his field ever day to see if the water has gone down enough for him to fix his fence. But right next to his fence is Ranch Road and the section which washed out.

While he surveys the fence others are coming to see the giant hold in the road. Those others are hoping for a quick repair so they can get to I-40 more easily.

Tamara Bryant lives nearby.

She said, “I know I prayed for rain but I didn't want this much.”

Just beyond the massive washout is the Caddo Jake Bridge over the South Canadian River. It’s a major thoroughfare for those like Tamara who frequently travel the bridge on their way to El Reno.

She said, “Every day stuff, all of our shopping, pay bills, what have you it’s all right there in El Reno.”

Canadian County Commissioner David Anderson said, “It will be one of our priorities to get this road back open, but we have to wait until the South Canadian water recedes back in its banks.”

Anderson says steps are already being taken so the repair can start as soon as the water goes away.

Anderson said, “I'm busy today ordering materials and getting prices for precast materials so we don't have to leave the road closed any longer than we have to.”

For now county officials recommend travelers use Highway 81 or Methodist Road to access I-40.

Anderson said, “Bear with us and be patient. We're going to get to it as fast as we can.”

County officials believe the Caddo Jake Bridge is still in good shape, but they do plan to inspect it once the flood waters recede.