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Choctaw road in danger of becoming part of nearby river

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CHOCTAW, Okla. --It's a road that hundreds of people drive on every day, but now it's in jeopardy of becoming a river instead.

“If you live here, it’s an emergency, if you are going to drive down this road. Or worry about losing a bridge down this street it is an emergency," says Choctaw Mayor Randy Ross.

There’s no denying it; the mayor's beyond frustrated.

“We are likely going to have to close down this road,” said Ross.

“It is a death trap. As this erodes, if a car comes by and the erosion underneath the road, we will have the car in the water. It won’t be a rescue effort. It will be a recovery effort. And that’s what scares us is that one of our residents will drive down this road and all of a sudden the road is gone with the car,” said Ross.

He’s talking about land near NE 50th and Triple X. It's a spot where, two years ago, a couple lost several buildings to erosion and eventually had to tear down their home.

“We lost 13 feet since 3 a.m. this morning. No way this isn’t going to be gone,” said Commissioner Brian Maughan.

Oklahoma County Commissioner Brian Maughan says he expects the river will take over this road in a just a few weeks.

“Because what we have is a shift in the channel.  It’s not just about rain, there is going to be water in this here for a while. It is hitting here instead of going in the other direction. You can see where the banks are now dry that used to be the river bottom. So all of this used to be the natural flow of the river. It’s going to continue to make its new path,” he said.

He’s pleading with the Army Corps of Engineers to do something.  Only they have to authority to fix the problem.

If nothing’s done the road won’t be the only issue.

Maughan says the Wilshire Bridge could be threatened next.

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