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Listen: Man calls 911 after 3-hour-long standoff with his cat

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STAMFORD, Conn.-–Maybe she was just being protective of her babies!

A Stamford man called police recently after he was unable to enter his home, according to FOXCT. His cat had a baby the night before, and got extremely agressive and tried to hurt him, the man told the dispatcher.

“My cat was getting too aggressive, and I was inside, and then he attacked me, he scratched me in my leg and he bite me. So me and my wife, we come outside, and now we cannot go in the home for like three to four hours,” the man said.

The dispatcher was a bit confused on why the man was calling police. “So you want the police to come and remove the cat? What is the problem, like…”

Yes, that was exactly what the man wanted. So the dispatcher asked for some more information about the feline.

“Was something wrong with the cat?”

“We don’t know…[inaudible]…she has a baby last night, and then she was good until 10, 11 o’clock today, and I come from outside and I change my clothes…[inaudible]…and he come to attack me,” the man described of the incident. “It’s so aggressive and so mad,” he continued.

In the end, the dispatcher sent police to the man’s house to help with the aggressive 7.5-pound cat. News 12 Connecticut reports that eventually the man went back inside and was OK.

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