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Awww! Oklahoma Highway Patrol trooper rescues frightened fawn

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OKLAHOMA CITY - A fawn has returned to the woods thanks to the help of an Oklahoma Highway Patrol trooper.

On Thursday, the frightened fawn was found laying in the middle of a ramp near the Broadway Extension and I-44.

Not only was the fawn's life in danger, but also the lives of other Oklahomans who were having to swerve around the animal.

Lt. Mike Norman saw the fawn and jumped into action.

As Norman approached, he says that fawn 'fanned out'.

"It just laid flat in the ramp, all four legs stretched out," said Norman. "I've never seen a deer do that before."

But as it laid on the ramp, the fawn allowed Norman to pick it up.

"Cutest thing too, me and the other dog handler, we were petting on it a little bit," said Norman. "You don't see them very often that age."

Soon though, it was time to part. The fawn was dropped off into a nearby wooded area, to be reunited with mom.

"We could hear the doe, the mother snort to the East of us," explained Norman. "Mom and baby will hook up that way."



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