Man loses half of skull after jail allegedly refuses to give antibiotic, family to file federal lawsuit

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CLEVELAND COUNTY,Okla.- A man lost half of his skull after the Cleveland county jail allegedly refused to give him antibiotics.

We first told you about the story in February, now the family's attorneys are looking to file a federal lawsuit.

Robert Autry's family thought he wouldn't live past Christmas.

He's still not able to talk, but family is happy for the progress he's made and want the jail to take responsibility for what happened.

"He's been home since April 3rd," Sandy Valentine, Autry's mom says.

Autry may not be in good conditions before your eyes, but it's a vast improvement over when we first saw him back in February.

"He didn't get medical attention, he didn't get it," Valentine says.

His mother says he developed a sinus infection while in the Cleveland county jail.

Valentine says they repeatedly asked for medication or antibiotics, and they never got any.

Eventually it led to a swollen head and half of Autry's skull had to be removed.

"They deserve medical attention, they deserve it, just because you're an inmate doesn't mean you're second class," Valentine says.

Life is still hard, but Sandy is grateful for the small milestones they make weekly.

"He can feed himself, he can hold a cup, he can take drinks by himself, he can put one arm in his shirt, that's a big step for him," Valentine says.

Her 31 year old son now has the mind of a 2-year-old, according to his mother.

"Just because you're an inmate, you don't get medical care? That's not right." Valentine says.

The family's attorney says it's a civil rights issue and intends to file a federal lawsuit.

"By denying a person their healthcare, that's cruel and unusual," Brian Busswell, their attorney says.

"I don't want this happening to somebody else's son, somebody else's granddaughter, grandson," Valentine said.

A family on a mission for someone to take responsibility for what happened.

"He's always got a smile on his face, giving up isn't in Robbie's mind. We just keep putting one foot in front of the other," Valentine says.

Autry was being held in jail for charges of drug possession.

We tried contacting Cleveland County, they say they can not comment on pending litigation.

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