EMSA warns of hot cars after woman leaves grandkids in car and goes tanning

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OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla -- Kassi Turner can smile now. But she was in a major panic recently when her two babies were locked inside the family SUV.

Turner says, "My 2 year old jumped in and climbed to the front seat, hit the lock button. I was freaking out. I called 911 right away."

40 minutes passed before firefighters were able to rescue the children.

EMSA medic, John Graham says, "If it were July or August it could have been fatal inside of five, ten minutes."

And EMSA dispatchers have already fielded almost three dozen calls involving children locked inside hot cars.

And remember -- summer is still three weeks away!

Dispatcher Mel Spruill told us, "We already are seeing a lot of children locked in cars. some not very long. Some 15-20 minutes, Sometimes parents are standing by. Sometimes they are not."

An employee at Ten Gym in southwest Oklahoma City recently spotted two kids outside in the heat. She got on the intercom to try and alert the parent.

30 minutes later, the grandmother came out ... after completing her tanning session.

She and the kids were gone before police could get here.

Graham said, "That's almost unbelievable."

Authorities hope this is a wake up call for all parents. The interior of your car can become a death trap for a little one in only a matter of minutes. Graham warned, "What we see a lot of was I was going to come right back. Unfortunately, when they come out it can be too late."

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