Accused murderer in Reliable Pharmacy case: “I won’t take the stand, I don’t need to”

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- Prosecutors called their final witness to the stand Tuesday in a high profile murder trial involving the 2009 Reliable Pharmacy robbery.

The crime ended in the death of a teenager, Antwun Parker, and put pharmacist Jerome Ersland behind bars.

Mitchell has already been convicted, but he demanded a retrial in order to represent himself.

The drama heated up late Tuesday afternoon when the state had its last witness on the stand – an OCPD detective.

Mitchell accused the detective of lying, like he did with many other witnesses for the prosecution, in a last ditch effort to save himself from life in prison.

Mitchell cross-examined the investigator, asking him on the stand, “Are you aware what perjury is?”

“One of the things that's very hard to master, even as a trained lawyer, is direct examination. You may not ask leading questions, that means questions that suggest an answer,” legal analyst David McKenzie said.

And in a heated exchange with District Attorney David Prater, Mitchell yelled, “You didn’t think you’d see me again, did you?”

Mitchell was angry, claiming he hadn’t seen a police interview that he allegedly did back in 2009. Eventually, the judge had the court watch it.

The jury also saw the now infamous surveillance video showing Jerome Ersland shooting at two teenage robbers, killing one of them.

Prosecutors presented it along with their last witness to testify, an OCPD detective.

On the way back into court Tuesday afternoon, Mitchell told us, “I won’t take the stand. I don’t need to.”

You may recall an appeals court reversed his 2011 murder conviction in this case because he wanted to represent himself.

Last week, he had a change of heart and asked for a lawyer. The judge denied his request, saying Mitchell was the one who urged the court to let him be his own attorney.

“Will it stand up on appeal in case of a conviction? I don't know. We may be doing this a third time, but that's for the Court of Criminal Appeals to decide,” McKenzie said.

Mitchell told NewsChannel 4 Tuesday that he plans to call witnesses to testify Wednesday.

There’s beefed up security in the courtroom, and Mitchell is wearing devices on his legs that deputies can signal to shock him if he gets violent; he attacked Prater in his 2011 trial.

Mitchell is the alleged getaway driver in the Reliable Pharmacy robbery. If convicted, Mitchell faces life in prison.

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