Oklahoma man accused of animal cruelty after abandoning pets

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Kevin Lantz

TUTTLE, Okla. – An Oklahoma man is accused of animal cruelty after allegedly locking five dogs and a cat inside a house with high temperatures and a lack of food and water.

Police were called to the home in Tuttle after an animal control officer reported that some animals had been left inside the residence.

The animal control officer told police she could see animals roaming around inside the home.  She noticed the home had feces scattered throughout the living room, according to the Express-Star.

Police officers entered the home and took custody of the animals, many of which were extremely thin and covered in ticks.

Officials say no water had been left for the animals, according to the Express-Star.

The home also had no electricity and the yard was overgrown.

A neighbor told police that Kevin Lantz had been feeding the dogs, but he hadn’t returned in several weeks.

Officers contacted Lantz to let him know about the animals.

Lantz reportedly told police that he used to live at the residence, but had since moved to an apartment where he was unable to take his dogs.

He says he had been throwing food on the floor and putting water inside pots for the animals, according to the Express-Star.


He told police that he was too busy with work to take the animals outside.

Lantz was arrested for animal cruelty and booked into the Grady County Jail.



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