Pizza man arrested during unusual delivery

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- A delivery man was arrested in the middle of a pizza run.

As he was pulling into an apartment complex near N.W. Penn, a pizza delivery man told a security guard he had a job to do.

"I pulled up and told him I just need to deliver a pizza and the guy starts yelling at me," said Keith Wenzel.

Keith says he ignored the guard, pulled into the parking lot, delivered the pizza and then got confronted by an armed guard.

"I got in my car, and one of them jumps in front of my car and pulls a gun on me," said Wenzel.

According to police reports, security told Keith he was "no longer welcome on the property" for allegedly being unruly the night before, and when Keith showed up a second time he used some colorful language to explain he was there to deliver pizza.

"They called and claimed I flipped them off and almost ran over people on my way in and out," said Wenzel.

Police took Keith to jail because they say if a property owner tells you to stay away, you have to listen or you're breaking the law.

"Once you're told you can't be on the property, you can't come back or you are trespassing," said Oklahoma City police Sgt. Jennifer Wardlow. "That was the case here, which is why he ended up going to jail."

"Over such a silly thing to pull a firearm, I have no words," said Wenzel. "You should only pull a firearm as a last resort."

Keith simply can't believe the guard felt the need to pull out his gun and still doesn't feel he did anything wrong.

"Pizza delivery is not a criminal organization," said Wenzel. "It's just trying to feed somebody."

Keith did get arrested for trespassing. He was not charged with striking the security guard with his car.

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