Will needs a family to help him flourish

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We wanted to take this week's "A Place to Call Home" child to see his favorite animals at the zoo.

Will is 6-years-old and made a splash getting up close and personal with one of his favorite exhibits.

"Check it out."

It's a water world for William.

“He loves Veggie Tales, Toy Story, Elmo is one of his favorites. He also likes playing with water and being squirted with water. He thinks it's hilarious. He also gets in the pool at the hospital,” Ashley Terneus, special education teacher at The Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital, said.

And this 6-year-old hams it up for the camera.

When he's outside The Children's Center Rehabilitation Hospital, he loves seeing his favorite exhibit at the zoo.

“Probably the monkeys because we sing the monkey song in music therapy, and he thinks it's hilarious,” Terneus said.

Some children come to the Bethany center if they've been a victim to child abuse or if their parents can no longer take care of them.

Will was born with congenital heart disease, and has been under DHS custody since he was 3.

While he can walk with some help, he mostly moves himself around in a wheel chair.

This sweet boy will need a little extra attention, but his caregivers say he is an easygoing child.

'You know, in my eyes, Will is just like any other child. He has a couple of obstacles that he's facing in life, but it's nothing that you can't handle once you get to know him,” Terneus said.

He can't vocalize his thoughts, but the Center has taught him other ways to communicate.

“He does 'yes' like this and then for 'no' he pats his chest,” Terneus said. “He can tell you 'no' or 'yes' when he does want something or not. You just have to take the patience to see that through and at the same time give him love and discipline.”

And that's why DHS and The Children's Center say he's ready to go to a permanent home.

“I, without a doubt, know that if he was able to find a home for him, he would flourish in a home environment,” Terneus said.

"Do you want to go see the lion or the birds?"

"The lion!" Will replied.

For more information on how you can adopt Will, call 405-522-4176.

The process includes training and background checks. It doesn't cost anything.

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