19 tips to protect your phone all summer

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19 smart tips to protect your phone during the summer. You do not want the water, heat or sand to ruin your investment.


  • Stock up on plastic baggies
  • Or use a phone condom
  • If you drown your phone, immediately use a hairdryer on MEDIUM heat (use rice as last resort)
  • Know when your phone is too hot
  • Keep your phone in the shade while you’re in the sun
  • Don’t leave it in a hot car
  • Keep your phone away from other devices
  • If it is overheating, turn it off STAT
  • Let it cool in front of a fan
  • Use a cuticle pusher to scoop out any sand
  • Keep sand out of your earphone jack with an adorable dust plug 
  • Get a towel that will protect your phone
  • Beach spikers can also keep your phone out of harm’s way
  • Use some sticky tape to lift away dirt and sand
  • Use non-greasy sunscreen on your face
  • Get an anti-glare screen
  • Or rock some polarized sunglasses
  • Invest in a solar powered charger or a regular portable cell charger


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