Litter of pit bull puppies put in plastic bag, tossed from Texas bridge

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FORT WORT, Texas – A litter of pit bull puppies is recovering after they were put in a plastic bag, tied up and thrown over a bridge in Fort Worth.

“Some girls said they had heard something in a bag. There were 10 little puppies in there. We called the police for them and put [the puppies] underneath that tree over there,” Rudy Martinez told CW33.

Martinez then called police, who arrived to find the pups struggling to survive.

“You could tell they were very hungry. They were squealing for mama,” said Officer Gigi Hempstead, with the Fort Worth Police Department.

Hempstead gave the puppies formula and bottle fed them until a rescue organization picked them up.

“We weren’t sure if any of them were really going to make it at all. This is seven out of 10 of them. We did lose three,” said Brad Smith, a foster for Cody’s Friends Rescue.

Fortunately, the seven surviving puppies seem to be doing well.

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