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Oklahoma City leaders plan to “Occupy the Corners”

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- Leaders in one metro church are urging the community to come together.

Their mission is to curb gun violence, by actually standing on a curb.

It's along several northeast metro roads that their plan will take place.

"We're just trying to get a good cross section of the citizenry, so we can do something called Occupy the Corners," said Rev. Jesse Jackson Jr., pastor at East Sixth Street Christian Church. "This is an opportunity for us to be proactive."

Thursday was the first meeting for 'Occupy the Corners'. Officials say these rallies will take place in the area between N.E. 36th, and N.E. 16th during Saturdays this summer.

"Standing in high traffic, high crime areas," said Jackson. "Going there and bringing positive vibes and a positive message."

For details on when and where "Occupy the Corners" will take place, click here.



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