Oklahoma Police Chief: “If they can score easy money, they’ll come back”

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NICHOLS HILLS, Okla. -- Summertime heat usually means an uptick in property crimes.

Nichols Hills seems to be following the trend this year; in recent weeks, there have been more than a dozen car burglaries.

Thieves are targeting wealthy residents who park outside and leave valuables in their cars.

"When you leave your car unlocked, and you leave your Louis Vuitton purse and all your credit cards and driver's license, it causes some issues," said Nichols Hills Police Chief Richard Mask.

According to Chief Mask, if you're going to leave property in your car, you might as well unlock the car doors to save yourself the trouble of a broken window.

"If the doors are locked and the windows are up, they're going to knock them out," Mask said.

Police believe there is a connection between summertime crime and door-to-door sales.

In fact, there are some Nichols Hills residents unknowingly giving solicitors reasons to come back.

Recently, one resident handed over $200 to a magazine subscription seller. Experts say that easy money ensures solicitors will be back for more.

"When they score like that, they're gonna come back to the neighborhood," said Mask. "As long as they can come here and make that kind of money and that quick, they're going to come back."

Police say you can easily protect your family and your neighborhood by keeping your wallet closed and your car doors locked.

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