GRAPHIC: Death row inmate gives detailed confession on killing innocent teen

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Warning: Details in the confession are gruesome and may be disturbing to some viewers.

ST. CLAIR COUNTY, Mo. – A man, who is scheduled to be executed next month, is giving investigators the gruesome details behind the murder of a teenager.

David Zink has one month left to live before officials execute him for the murder of 19-year-old Amanda Morton.

Now, a taped confession of what led up to the crime is being released to KTVI.

According to Zink, it all started with a minor fender bender along I-44 in 2001.

He says he had been drinking and driving and was worried the driver of the car he hit would turn him in to police.

“If you think you are going to pose a threat to my freedom, it’s set in my mind, I’m going to eliminate you,” Zink told investigators.

At that point, he decided to abduct the driver, 19-year-old Amanda Morton.

Zink was convicted of kidnapping her, raping her and then taking her to a cemetery and tying her to a tree.

“I tell her I’m going to take her out to a barn, there ain’t no barn out there. I’m just going to take her out there and kill her,” he said.

In a matter-of-fact manner, Zink explains how Morton was murdered.

“In my mind, probably the easiest way is to break her neck. So I told her to look up. She said, ‘Up where?’ I said, ‘Up there.’ When she looked up, I broke her neck,” Zink said. “Just snapped her with my hands.”

Zink says he worried that Morton was still alive because she was making noises.

“That’s when I decided to cut her spinal cord, neck, you ain’t going to live through that. That’s when I took out my knife and I cut her. I just poked a knife in her neck and then, swoosh, cut it,” he said.

Zink told investigators that Morton had told him that he didn’t have to kill her. He said that he did because she knew his name.

Before Amanda Morton died, Zink said her last word was ‘momma.’

Zink is scheduled to be executed on July 14.

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