Lug nuts and donuts: Police and mechanics team up to help kid’s field trip

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GUTHRIE, Okla. -- It's a small town caper involving the wheel of a church van, three missing lug nuts, two boxes of donuts and a happy ending for almost everyone involved.

Tuesday morning, thieves stole several cars from Short's Service Center in downtown Guthrie.

"I guess we were the first victim," said BD Short, of Short's Service Center.

The carjackers apparently got a flat tire and stole a wheel from the day care van at First Christian Church Guthrie.

"Who steals a car and then changes a flat tire?" said Short.

Pastors at First Christian discovered the theft the next morning. The van was left on a jack that didn't belong to the church and one of the wheels was missing.

Guthrie police detectives solved the crime in a matter of hours.

"Of course, we never thought we'd see the wheel again," said First Christian Pastor Amy Rogers. "Then police called and said, 'Hey, we have your wheel!'"

The wheel was three lug nuts short, which was going to put a damper on the upcoming field trip for the church's 5-year-old class.

So, Short's Service Center and Guthrie police teamed up. Short's bought the missing lug nuts and a sergeant fixed the wheel just in time for the field trip.

"It was surprising for us, but we were really glad to help out," said Lt. Dexter Pugh, with the Guthrie Police Department.

Moved by the generosity and thankful for the touch of good luck, the class of 5-year-olds fashioned some homemade thank you cards and sent over a dozen donuts to each of their rescuers.

The police investigation continues, but all six of the cars stolen that night have been recovered and all of the primary suspects have been arrested.

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