Crook uses stolen cell phone to call accomplices

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SHAWNEE, Okla. - Rural Oklahoma. You wouldn't think this would be a nest of crime.

But an unsolved crime wave out here had folks in Seminole and Pottawatomie counties living on edge for months.

Authorities have been working more than a dozen brazen robberies. They say drug-crazed crooks have been hitting homes to steal jewelry, cash and other valuables, then tying up their victims.

Deputy Bob Stewart told us, "You ask if they could be dangerous? I'm sure they could be. With meth and crime like that, they can do anything."

In one case, the suspect came knocking on a resident's front door. He told the homeowner his car had broken down and he needed help.

But when the victim came to assist the man, he had a gun put to his head.

Fearing for his life, the homeowner made a daring escape.

"He told the victim he was going to tie him up. He wasn't going for that. He escaped and fled back to the house where his wife called 911," Stewart said.

The suspect got away with the man's car keys and a cell phone. A phone he apparently used to call his accomplices.

According to Deputy Stewart, "The victim said had used his cell phone to call somebody. He borrowed the cell phone. That's not smart is it? No. not really."

Deputy Bob Stewart traced the call straight back to two men and a woman. Authorities say the trio confessed to two of the break-ins. Deputies are trying to link them to others.

Investigators say the crime spree was fueled by an insatiable appetite for methamphetamine.


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