Family frightened when naked man tries to force himself inside their home

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- It's not what anyone in the neighborhood would expect to wake up to... A half naked man banging on the front door.

"I hear about break ins and home invasions all the time. But you never think it's gonna be you," Dave said.

It was Tuesday morning before the sun came up when Dave and his wife got a rude awakening.

"Something hit the door, and both dogs started barking like crazy," Dave said.

Outside, there was a dark figure, later identified as Christopher Delluomo, trying to force his way inside.

"He kept trying to get through the door. And we kept telling him to go away," Dave said.

"They told him to go away. He refused. He exposed himself to them by taking off his clothes," MSgt. Gary Knight Oklahoma City Police Departmentsaid.

Fully exposed, Delluomo insisted they let him. He said a friend told him he needed to go to Lakehurst Dr. to get a hot meal.

"I kept telling him if he came in the house, I was gonna ruin his day," Dave said.

Police quickly responded and arrested the man.

"They did the right thing. They hollered out for him to leave, they called 911, they let the police take care of it," Knight said.

It's definitely not the norm for the neighborhood.

As for the suspect, police say he did not go quietly.

"When he was arrested, he became very aggressive. Even at the jail, he was aggressive with the officers who were trying to handle him," Knight said.

Dave and his wife are just glad police responded so quickly.

"It was very frightening," Dave said.


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