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DEL CITY, Okla. -- When the rains come, the water can rise quickly. What looks like a little water over the road could get you into trouble quickly.

Remnants of Tropical Depression Bill are already affecting Oklahomans in areas where the ground is still soaked from last month's flooding.

Major Brandon Purcell with the Del City Fire Department is preparing.

"We're flood prone, we're saturated, so anything we get is going to run off and cause problems."

Major Purcell say they are getting ready for whatever may come.

"We are going through our personal devices, safety vests, our dry suits, making sure all our equipment is ready to go if we receive that call."

During last month's flooding, Major Purcell says his teams were overwhelmed.

"We had a lot of calls for assistance in a short period of time, we had stranded motorists, we had people stranded in their houses."

So this time, they want to be ready... not just to save your life, but to safeguard their own lives as well.

Last month, one Oklahoma firefighter died while trying to make a high water rescue. 

"We definitely don't want to put our personnel in an unsafe environment, but that's the nature of our business."

Their boats may be the only thing standing between you and survival in a flood.


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