Mother outraged over ‘liquid weed’ candy

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OLD SACRAMENTO, Calif. - A mother in California is outraged that a local candy store is selling "liquid weed" candy.

Candy Heaven in Old Sacramento has shelves of candy, but not the everyday kind.

Tasty treats are labeled with unsavory names like urine and blood, but one piece of candy stands out.

“Things like that shouldn’t be in a candy store in the first place,” Naomi Lopez, a mother from Manteca said.

Lopez is talking about the candy called Liquid Weed.

“It’s not what’s inside that’s the concern,” she said.

The candy is just sugar. Lopez’s concern was the label.

Her son bought Liquid Weed from Candy Heaven in Old Sacramento a few weeks ago.

She said the candy is sending the wrong message.

“It’s targeting children, that’s how I see it. It’s in reach of children,” Lopez said.

Other people KFOR sister station FOX40 spoke with in Old Sacramento share the same concerns.

“Yeah, that shouldn’t be legal,” Dennis of Sacramento said.

“It’s very misleading,” Nate from San Diego said.

Most everyone thought it was a real bottle of drugs.

“If it was like a party, a party gag, just like ‘Oh look what I got,’ that’s totally fine. But if it’s like getting passed on to little kids that’s not cool at all,” Kai Barnes from Pleasant Hill said.

FOX40 called the number printed on the candy. The operator would only say that they just distribute the candy.

FOX40 also went inside to buy the product. The owner of Candy Heaven didn’t want to speak with on camera, but he did say that the candy labeled Liquid Weed is just candy.

But for Lopez, that’s not good enough. She believes her son could have got into trouble if he had brought the candy to school. She wants the store or the manufacturers to take action.

“I want the label taken off. I want it relabeled,” Lopez said.


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