Flooding fears in Purcell

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PURCELL, Okla. -- A Purcell family is worried about upcoming rains. Their home flooded earlier this month and they are still waiting on help from FEMA.

Pamela Kruger doesn't want to think much about the flooding, but she has prayed about it.

“I’ve actually told the Lord if its starts raining please stop it cause I've had about all I can take,” said Pamela Kruger.

It's only been a few weeks since her home flooded, and now it's not safe to live in.

“All kinds of mold and mildew because when it flooded the last time, it got up to about 2 and a half feet of water in my house,” said Kruger.

When the water receded, a new set of problems surfaced.

“They drowned, a lot of our chickens drowned. We had sheep that drowned. I even had a goose and turkey, and they all drowned,” she said.

Pamela says they decided to burn the carcasses.

“The city told me I have to call waste management. Waste management told me to call the city, so basically we just got the run around,” she said.

Since then, she's been moving what’s inside outside. That's also where she and her husband have been sleeping.

“In the back of that pick-up. We had a friend give that to us... all of our vehicles flooded,” she said.

They've applied for help from FEMA, but she says they have to make due until help comes.

“You know, I do have it bad, but the good Lord watches over me. There are people who have it worse. They had kids and stuff involved in it. I'm very thankful we didn't,” she said.

Pamela says they aren’t asking for a handout. They have had offers to clean the property, but say what they really need is a roof over their heads. With rained planned for the next few days, that need is now greater.

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