Low rain chances in the forecast before the heat dome moves in

Rescue crews prepare for flooding in Oklahoma

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Tropical storms have brought the rain back to Oklahoma.

"Preparing for the worst, hoping for the best," said Shawn O'Leary, Norman Director of Public Works.

Norman is still reeling from May's mighty downpours, with road closings scattered around town.

"You know we have 22 roads still closed from the May floods," explained O'Leary. "We're still really recovering from a really historic flooding period."

At Fire Station Seven in Norman, it's all hands on deck, as crews prepare for possible water rescues.

"We've seen just a record number of rescues for us (this year)," said Ben Williams-Kupec, with the Norman Fire Department. "Far and above the normal amount we usually make."

Officials tell us most of those rescue missions could've been avoided, if drivers had heeded the dangers of flash floods.

In the end, fire crews are urging everyone to stay alert, and avoid flood prone areas. But if you must venture out, keep a few rules in mind.

"Like you guys say you know stay whether aware," said Williams-Kupec.

"If you see water on the road turn around don't drown," said O'Leary. "That term that we use a lot is really true."


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