Father of five killed after being shot and crashing into apartment

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- The car of a father of five was slammed into an apartment complex after the man was shot and killed.

It happened Tuesday night at the Remington Apartments on S. Sante Fe near I-240.

The damage to the apartment has already been boarded up.

Just hours earlier, Brian Hill died after being shot and killed behind the wheel, then slamming his car the building.

"It's horrible," said the victim's mother Donita Hill. "Life is too short. You can be taken just like that."

Donita Hill remembers her son as a loving dad, whose youngest daughter is just one year old.

"Everywhere he'd go, he had one kid to 5 of them with him because he's got 5 kids," said Hill.

"It is still a mystery as to why it all happened," said Oklahoma City police Sgt. Gary Knight.

Police say the victim had been alone inside the SUV during the crash, but investigators are still trying to figure out exactly what led up to the deadly shooting.

"It is unclear at this time when he was shot or who shot him," said Knight.

Donita just hopes whoever killed her son gets caught.

"No matter what he did, he did not deserve this at all," said Hill. "It's totally wrong and I don't see how anyone could live with themselves like that. If they shot somebody, they don't have a heart and soul. They really don't."

While her son got killed, the good news is that the people sleeping inside the apartment during the crash escaped major injury.

No arrests have been made.

Anyone with information can contact the city's homicide tip line at 405-297-1200.


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