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Oklahoma man honored for helping those in need

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SHAWNEE, Okla. - Does it seem to you that there's a whole lot of pain and misery in the world around us?

Sometimes we wonder how one person can make a difference, but that question was answered after we made a trip to Shawnee.

We met a man who changes lives every day in the most wonderful ways.

Jim Kinnamon started his project, Amazing Grace Medical Equipment, when he saw a need. There was a untold number of people who couldn't afford motorized vehicles. People who were literally trapped in their homes, unable to walk on their own.

"All of these chairs may look like a nightmare to somebody just looking at them," Jim Kinnamon said. "What I do is refurbish all of this. Put new cushions on, new batteries, I'll put new wheels on it and then it'll be ready to go."

Some of the motorized chairs can cost anywhere from $35,000-$50,000...out of reach for many who don't have insurance or can't afford their co-pay.

But thanks to Jim, these electric wheelchairs are free to anyone who needs them, like 10-year-old Chase.

"He's got cerebral palsy. It just changed his life. His mom is just happy as she can be," Jim said.

Chase is just one of the hundreds Jim has helped.

It all started because he saw a need in Shawnee.

"I saw a woman pushing a man in a wheelchair. It looked kind of hard for her to do. A friend of mine had an electric wheelchair on his front porch. He said if you'll fix it up you can have it and it grew and grew and grew," he said.

Jim's giving nature inspired Pam Cook to nominate him for Pay It 4ward.

If you would like to donate used medical equipment, or if you need something, you can visit Jim's Facebook page "Amazing Grace Medical Equipment" or call at 405-637-4328.


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