Prosecutors seeking death penalty for Duncan man accused of murdering his family

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DUNCAN, Okla. – Prosecutors will seek the death penalty for the Duncan man accused of murdering his family.

Alan Hruby is accused of stealing his father’s gun, then shooting his mom, sister, and dad inside their Duncan home.

John, Tinker, and Katherine Hruby were found in their kitchen on October 13.

Not long before the murders, Alan Hurby’s parents cut off his finances after he took out a credit card in his grandmother’s name and charged thousands of dollars on it.

Investigators say money was the motive in the murders and that Alan Hruby was a shopaholic hoping to cash in on his family’s inheritance.

Prosecutors recently filed a bill of particulars saying they will seek the death penalty against Hruby.

Hruby is due back in court August 20th.

He is currently serving three years in prison for opening a credit card account in his grandmother’s name and using it to take a European vacation.


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