Anonte is waiting for her moment to have a family

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Anonte is waiting for the moment when a family takes her home.

Until then, she's celebrating her life through music.

“She likes those birds. They sound like music,” Maggie Mosley, who works with Anonte at the rehabilitation hospital, said.

It was this 12-year-old's favorite exhibit at the Oklahoma City Zoo.

“Every time they would squaw, she'd go, 'Ahh!' She'd try to sound just like them,” Mosley said. “We always listen to music. She loves Beyonce. She likes to jam with her arm.”

Mosley says that when "All the Single Ladies" comes on the radio, Anonte goes into a different mode.

“That's probably my favorite part about her is just to dance with her,” Mosley said. “Any kind of music you put on…Disney, princesses, of course, she loves.”

Mosley says that Anonte loves to be around people and has an endearing personality.

“She's a cuddle bug. She loves people. She loves to curl up on you, so anyone that just wants a loving little girl,” Mosley said.

Right now, the rehabilitation hospital is her home.

She is learning how to stand and communicate through gestures.

“She likes to pick choices. Of course, they're auditory, so there's a little device I can squeeze. Then she'll move her head to tell you what she wants to do,” Mosley said.

She's been diagnosed with epilepsy and has vision problems as well. Workers say her health problems will be an extra challenge for her permanent family.

"Communication, you have to work extra hard on…but other than that, she's a fun, bright, pretty little girl," Mosley said.

She just needs simple things from her future parents that will make this beautiful little girl's day.

“A family that just wants to really pay attention, who loves music. If they don`t love music, then helps her love of music,” Mosley said.

For more information on how you can adopt Anonte, call (405) 522-4176.

The process includes training and background checks. It doesn't cost anything.

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