Man accused of robbing an Oklahoma City Subway claims innocence

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A man accused of robbing a local sandwich shop says he didn't do it and he can prove it.

Earlier this month, we showed you surveillance video of the armed robbery inside a Subway at N.W. 63rd and Meridian.

The suspect demands cash from the Subway employee and flashes a gun at the terrified store clerk.

Police arrested Gerard Harbour for the crime. But Harbor says they got the wrong guy.

Harbour was in jail for 8 days and then released without any charges. Police say they can hold a suspect for up to 10 days without any charges.

Harbour is stern about his innocence. He says his world has been turned upside down since the arrest.

"According to this, it don't say 'he might have done it,' 'he's a suspect,' it don't say none of that. It says he's done it."

Danielle Harbour is talking about a flyer called "Just Busted." It's a free publication that lists her son as a criminal.

Gerard is accused of robbing the Subway in May; he was arrested earlier this month.

"I looked out the peephole, and there was maybe about 3, 4, 5, cops out there," Gerard said.

Harbour was taken to jail where he was held for more than a week. During that time, he says he was interviewed by detectives.

"He said 'you have two options, you can either cop to it right now, we'll get you something as little as a smack on the hand, maybe 7 years in jail, 15 on paperwork, but I guarantee you if you fight this case, you're gonna lose. And I'm gonna make sure you live the rest of your life behind bars,'" Gerard said.

But Harbour says he didn't do it, and that he's not the man in the security video from Subway.

Habour says he was at the Ice Event Center the night of the robbery, watching the Mayweather v. Pacquiao fight. He says he was inside posting messages about the fight on his Facebook page all night.

Harbour says that information shows dates and times, along with an alibi that should prove his case.

But Oklahoma City police say it's still an open investigation and they are working on a positive identification.

"It's quite possible that we are gonna press charges. As a matter of fact, based on this particular arrest, this person was arrested because he was positively identified by multiple people as being the suspect," Paco Balderrama, with Oklahoma City Police, said.

Harbour says this whole situation has him in fear of his life.

"There's people like me that ain't doin' nothin'. Tryin' to be things, tryin' to be family oriented, things like be a model citizen. No one on Earth should be able to come knock on your door and take you to jail and mess your life up like that," Harbour said.

Police are waiting on a DNA test to come back, but they say that may take a while.

They also say they're confident Gerard Harbour is the man they're searching for.


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