Old discovery at Oklahoma City school is confusing some people

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OKLAHOMA CITY – Contractors made an amazing discovery earlier this month behind the walls of a local high school, and now experts are trying to figure out how to use one of the drawings.

During Emerson High School’s renovations, contractors were removing green chalkboards from the walls when they discovered several blackboards with writings and student drawings from 1917.

The work assignments of teachers from nearly 100 years ago are still intact.

Math teacher Sherry Read told NPR that she is amazed at the discovery.

“It’s like touching history, like being a part of what was going on during the day,” she says. “It’s just remarkable and mysterious, trying to figure out what some of this was.”

One of the mysteries is an old multiplication wheel that no one can figure out, according to NPR.

It’s a circle with factors on the inside and other numbers on the outside.


If you can figure it out, make sure you let us know on Facebook.

The Oklahoma City Public School District is now working to find a way to preserve the chalk work of the teachers that has been captured in time.

More history could be uncovered soon when they start work on the third floor.


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