Parents terrified after 13-year-old girl takes off in family car

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Todd Parsons and Teresa Genzer drove the neighborhood streets near their home for hours on Tuesday morning.

"I'm just hoping one of these corners we turn, we'll find her," said Parsons, at the corner of S. Grand and High Ave. "I just want to know that my baby's alright. I don't care where she's at. I just need her to call so I know she's okay."

The couple was searching for their eighth-grade daughter, Alexas.

They say she took off Monday night in the middle of the night in Genzer's car.

Alexas is a competitive go-cart racer who is very experienced in the driver's seat.

"She's out there somewhere," said Teresa, standing by at the kitchen window. "Someone could have her, doing horrible things to her, and I can't protect her."

They posted pictures and pleas for help on Facebook.

They went to the headquarters for the Oklahoma City Police Department first thing Tuesday morning to file a missing persons report and a report on that stolen vehicle.

They were hoping the department would issue an Amber Alert, but the situation did not meet the requirements.

NewsChannel 4 was able to broadcast the missing persons report at noon, and the family's prayers were answered.

A short time later, police brought 13-year-old Alexas home.

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