Peeking through the yearbook: Reminiscing on BBJ’s high school years

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NORMAN, Okla. -- It was Bob Barry Jr's enthusiasm for sports that never wavered.

But before he was behind the microphone, Bobby tried making his name on the hardwood.

Taking a peek into an old yearbook from Norman High School, from student council, to years of perfecting his jump shot, it's clear that Bobby's determination started early.

"We've seen a lot of kids come through the high school since then, but Bobby was a special, special guy," said Dan Quinn, who worked as an Athletic Trainer during Bobby's stint. He later went on to be a principal for the school district.

It was 40 years ago that BBJ first donned a tiger uniform. Rocking #22, he brought his own flare to the game when he got the chance.

"He really enjoyed basketball. I think he thought he was gonna be the next Pistol Pete Marovitch" explained Quinn. "Seems like he would ignore some of the things coach told him to do whenever he got on the court, trying to break the starting line up."

Bobby was much more than a basketball player. His yearbook shows he was a 'Straight A senior', had a stint in student council, and was a member of something called the 'Grandstand Boozers'.

But his true passion was evident.

"You knew that he would have something to do with sports, you just didn't know what...and I think he found the right spot for him and for us," said Quinn.

He's been bringing us Oklahoma high school highlights basically ever since...always keeping a special place in his heart for his alma mater.

Sportscasting was a job he was born to do, and his class had no doubt that he would excel.

They named him "Most likely to succeed/TV and radio" in 1975.

"It's always fun to see those kids do well, in whatever they do. But he was able to do it in front of the entire state of Oklahoma, and I think that was special," noted Quinn.


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