Can you see Jesus in this closet door?

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POTTAWATOMIE COUNTY -- Earlier this week, a woman from Mexico made international news when she inadvertently burned the image of Jesus Christ in a tortilla.

After that story aired, an Oklahoma man called KFOR-TV with a similar story; an image he's kept to himself for eight years.

Bud Claxton's house was built in the 1970s. The original closet doors are still up in the master bedroom.

About eight years ago, Bud Claxton and his wife were in an argument when he looked up at his closet door and saw the image of Jesus Christ.

"It's definitely strange. I gotta admit," said Claxton. "I opened my eyes and my eyes were focused right on him. I jumped out of the recliner, and I told my wife, 'This looks like Jesus!'"

The funny thing about this image of Jesus is that you can't see it if you're looking right at it. The image is clearest when you kneel.

"You can see his halo, his hair, his eyes, his nose, his beard and his hands praying right in front of him," Claxton said. "It freaked me out."

Some see the image right away. For others, it takes a minute and the benefit of good light and the right angle.

"I thought it was John the Baptist until I could see his halo around his head," said Claxton.

Claxton is a man of faith. For him, the image is a sign God is always watching and always protecting his children.

The Claxtons are comforted by a room full of angels downstairs, and the King of the angels upstairs.

"We've seen Mary in a burnt piece of toast and stuff like that," said Claxton. "All that stuff will deteriorate, and it'll be gone. This has been here for 41 years."


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