Canadian River swimmer rescued after falling from rope swing

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OKLAHOMA CITY - It’s a popular place along the Canadian River near the Hiwassee bridge for families to hang out and have fun.

“They got a rope hanging from a tree and then we just like swing from the tree to the water and jump off the bridge as well,” said Sherry Hill.

But that rope swing proved dangerous Sunday night for one woman who fell from the rope onto the rocks below.

“Her body slipped, her head fell back and slammed against the ground,” said Jessica Shepherd.

“I thought she was going to die, honestly,” said Hill.  “I felt bad you know because her daughter was watching and everything and her family members as well.”

The Oklahoma City fire department came out and had to use their dive team to get across the river to the area where the woman had fallen.

She was taken to the hospital, but friends say it appears she’s going to be ok.

“She’s moving, fingers were moving.  She’s talking.  She knew what day it was, president,” said Shepherd.

Now some of the people who were out at the river Sunday evening say the rope needs to be taken down or moved to a safer area.

“That area’s not safe.  There’s a bunch of rocks in that area, very slippery slope.  That branch that she was on, it was almost going to snap.  It’s not safe,” said Shepherd.

And many say this accident will affect the fun they have on the river.

“It’s going to change me getting on the rope, swinging off the rope again,” said Hill.”

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