Guthrie community comes together to fix banjo player’s crumbling home

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GUTHRIE, Okla. -- A world-renowned banjo player who brought joy to thousands of blue grass fans is in need of your help.

John Hickman is a 5-string banjo picker who lives in Guthrie, Okla.

After battling health problems, running up medical bills, and being forced to quit work, the Hickmans' house is falling apart with no funds for repairs.

"I'm looking forward to gettin' back at it," John Hickman said.

It has been years since John has played the banjo. He was forced to quit playing when he battled - and beat -cancer.

But he is now dealing with heart issues.

"It's hard to recover from that stuff, and so that just kind of slows everything down," John said.

Over time, the medical bills started to pile up while his home started to fall apart.

"The roof has been in this repair for a number of years now, and portions of it are completely caved in and rotted out," Joe Burkett, with a non-profit called Neighborhood Solutions, said.

The organization helps disabled, elderly, and single households in desperate need of home repairs.

Burkett heard about the Hickmans' situation and started a GoFundMe account, and the donations began pouring in.

The money will help replace the Hickmans' roof and more.

"This is where the roof has been leaking up there, and it's been tearing all this down, just from water," John's daughter said.

While the Hickmans are going through this tough time, the community support may be just what John needed to play the banjo again.

"Just here alone is going to pop him up, I'm sure it will," John's daughter said.

"I'm not one give up, especially something I've been doing all my life and enjoy so much," Johns said.

So far, more than $7,000 has been raised for the Hickman family. Renovations to the roof start in July.

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