Residents concerned when tornado sirens go off in The Village

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THE VILLAGE, Okla. -- Many metro residents are used to hearing the tornado sirens being tested Saturdays at noon.

That’s why it was so surprising to hear them Sunday at noon.

“Tornado alarms went off.  So I’m thinking it’s Saturday, so, but it wasn’t, it was Sunday.  I knew it wasn’t a tornado because it was sunny outside,” said Village resident, Paul Kamp.  “I just thought maybe a bomb or something had went off or some sort of warning, hey take cover. It’s a Sunday, so that’s mainly what I thought.”

“I was out mowing the back yard and the sirens went off and I thought, that’s strange.  Today is Sunday, isn’t it?  They went off yesterday, didn’t they?” said Katherine Casey-Hosty.

A Village police dispatcher tells NewsChannel 4 it was all an accident, that someone accidentally pushed the button that triggers the alarms.

Some residents say this is an accident that probably shouldn’t happen.

“How do you accidentally push a button, I mean really.  I mean who’s got access to pushing the button?  That’s a good question,” said Kamp.

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