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Simple tips on how to take the perfect selfie

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The word selfie didn't even exist a few short years ago. Now, they are all the rage.

Selfies aren't for everyone, but even group photos should follow these simple tips to create the best photo possible. (You would be surprised how much thought goes into a good photo).

  • Find your best side - Admit it, we all have a good side. And that's perfectly fine.


  • Lighting - Have good lighting in front of your face to accentuate your beautiful features. Also, if you can, have the lighting at a raised angle, and make sure it's not too dull or too bright.


  • Know what's in your background: No mirror pics - Don't be that person who posts an awkward picture with a toilet in the background.



  • Camera Position - Holding your camera at a higher angle also tends to be more flattering.
  • Posing: No duck faces - Your authentic self is the most beautiful you!



  • Filters and cropping are you friend - It doesn't have to be heavy-duty Photoshopping. Just a light filter and some warmth can make a world of a difference.



Now go post your beautiful pictures on social media!


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