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Tips on how to take a great selfie

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Everyone is taking selfies these days even though just a few short years ago that word did not exist in our everyday language. You need to learn these short and simple tips to capture your best self!

Learn your best side. Take pictures of both sides of your face. One of them will just naturally look better. Know that so you can use it to your advantage.

Look at the lighting. Big shadows over your face might make a fun dramatic pic for effect but generally it is not what you are looking for. Make sure the light source is shining on your face. Make sure the background is not too dark. Try to make sure the light is not giving you ‘hot zones’ on your cheeks or nose. Take several pics to get the right amount of light.

Be yourself. Try to think of something really fun or pleasant in order to give an authentic smile. Fake smiles are not cute. Make a silly face, as that can often lead to an interesting picture.

Find a good camera angle. Make sure you experiment with camera angles. Often you will find a slightly elevated camera will give you a great resulting picture. However, sometimes turning the camera at an angle is fun or unique.

Posing. Don’t overthink this part. Try fun poses but nothing that is awkward to you. Try not to use those cliche poses like the infamous ‘duck-face’ since it is a bit overused.

Use Filters and crop it. Don’t be afraid to use filters! They are there for a reason. Use them to warm up your skin tone or make it black and white. There are so many so have fun! Also use the ‘crop’ feature.

All-in-all have fun! These are just a couple of simple ideas on how to make those selfies work for you.

Take lots of pics and delete what you do not like or do not use. Learn to love the selfie and remember the selfie doesn’t mean it has to be a solo picture of you. Try it with friends because, as they say, The More the Merrier!