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Ohio woman gets out of ticket because of missing comma

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MIDDLETOWN, Ohio –  An Ohio woman’s parking ticket was dismissed because a village law was missing a comma.

Andrea Cammelleri’s pickup truck was ticketed and towed after it was parked on the street for more than 24 hours.

The village ordinance says certain types of vehicles cannot be parked longer than 24 hours, including “any motor vehicle camper, trailer, farm implement and/or non-motorized vehicle.”

After reading the ordinance, Cammelleri immediately found a loophole.

The ordinance that limits parking time applies to “motor vehicle camper,” not a motor vehicle and a camper.

Cammelleri argued that her vehicle does not fit the description because of the missing comma between “vehicle” and “camper.”

A judge agreed with Cammelleri, saying the ordinance should be read as it’s written.

The judge says that if the village wants to ticket personal vehicles, then it should add a comma to the ordinance.

Cammelleri told WSYX that her ticket will be expunged and she will be reimbursed for her towing and legal fees.


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