Follow Lance West as he travels the Congo with Serge Ibaka

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NewsChannel 4’s Lance West is on the trip of a lifetime after being invited to accompany Thunder fan favorite Serge Ibaka to his native Congo.

Ibaka is working with the Starkey Hearing Foundation to bring a miracle of modern medicine to his homeland.

The foundation donated 600 hearing aids for the hearing impaired in The Democratic Republic of the Congo.

On Monday, they scouted Ibaka’s old neighborhood for sites to dig water wells since fresh water is scarce. In fact, thousands of children die each day from a lack of clean water.

“Water is Life” partnered with Ibaka to distribute more than 1,000 water purification straws this week.

They also visited the basketball court Ibaka dedicated one year ago in the neighborhood, and it is as popular as ever.

Lance has been tweeting and sending back photos since he embarked on this special trip.

You can follow along on his Twitter page and check out the good work Serge is doing in the gallery below!


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