Oklahoma woman selling t-shirts in support of the 10 Commandments monument at the Capitol

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TUSHKA, Okla. — This week, Governor Mary Fallin announced the 10 Commandments monument at the State Capitol would stay in place until all appeals are exhausted.

Opinions about the monument are divided, and for many people, those opinions are passionately felt.

One woman from Tushka, Okla. is wearing her opinion.

When Karen Beck heard the Oklahoma Supreme Court ruled to take down the 10 Commandments at the State Capitol, she wasn’t happy.

“There should be something we should do as a nation, we ought to be able to vote on this instead of just a couple of people saying we can have the 10 Commandments or we can’t have them, maybe they can take them down, but let us vote on it first,” Beck said.

Beck is a retired paramedic who opened up Trinity Screenprinting and Embroidery five years ago as a hobby. When she heard about the court’s decision, she decided to make her voice heard the one way she knows how… by making t-shirts.

So she designed shirts that read, “You can take it from the courthouse but you can’t take it off my back,”with the 10 Commandments on the back.

“I just got mad and just decided something needed to be done, the people need to have a say so,” she said.

Beck thought the shirts would just be something people in the community would enjoy. But thanks to a post on Facebook, Beck has gotten calls and messages all day long from people who want to order shirts,

She’s getting comments like this one:

“I want to buy shirts probably like 10 of them….Thanks so much for standing up for GODS commandments!!”

Since July 4th, she’s made about 500 shirts and expects to soon triple that number.

“I’ve had people from other states calling and wanting t-shirts, I’ve been ordering 300 t-shirts a day for the last couple of days just to keep up, and I still need to order some more, lots more,” she said

Beck said she’s not making the shirts for the money, she just wants to speak her mind.


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