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Attorney general asks Oklahoma Supreme Court to reconsider its ruling on Ten Commandments

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Ten Commandments

OKLAHOMA CITY – Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt is working to keep the Ten Commandments Monument outside the Oklahoma State Capitol.

The Oklahoma Supreme Court ruled that the Ten Commandments Monument must be removed from the Capitol grounds.

The Court says that monument violated a part of the Oklahoma Constitution that prohibited the use of public property for religious purposes.

After the ruling, a group of lawmakers filed an amendment, which would remove that language from the Oklahoma Constitution.

Some lawmakers even called for the seven justices who voted against the monument to be impeached. 

Now, Attorney General Scott Pruitt filed an additional brief at the Oklahoma Supreme Court is asking the court to reconsider its ruling.

“The Oklahoma Supreme Court’s ruling was wrong because it ignored the profound historical impact of the Ten Commandments, and contradicted previous decisions of the court. The court previously upheld as constitutional a 50-foot tall lighted cross on public property and blessed the construction of a chapel at a state-owned orphanage. Now, the court is bucking its own precedent and misconstruing a section of the state Constitution that permitted those displays to order the removal of the privately funded Ten Commandments display. This ruling has implications far beyond the placement of the monument. If the court is going to ignore its own precedent and interpret the state Constitution differently than before, then state Medicaid dollars spend at religiously affiliated hospitals and state scholarships used at religiously affiliated colleges and universities could be in jeopardy. We are asking the court to grant our petition for rehearing so we can defend the placement of the Ten Commandments monument and head off the damaging impact of this ruling on other issues,” Pruitt said.


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