City leaders prepare for President Obama’s trip to the sooner state

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- The Commander in Chief is headed to Oklahoma Wednesday.

President Obama plans to meet with the Choctaw Nation in Durant, and then go on to talk with prison officials and inmates at the El Reno Correctional Facility.

Of course, the VIP visitor will bring beefed  up security with him, which will impact not only Southeastern Oklahoma, but also the metro.

A select group of Oklahoma City police will be with the President on Wednesday and Thursday, but details on where they’ll be has not been publicized.

So if you work downtown, it’s best to be prepared for heavy traffic, and at some points, for streets to be completely shut down.

President Obama will begin his trip to the sooner state at Durant High School. He’ll talk about the economy there before heading to the metro.

He’ll spend the night in downtown Oklahoma City.

“We’ve been working together with the FBI and CIA in reference to what security measures need to take place,” OCPD Capt. Paco Balderamma said.

Oklahoma City Police will be part of the President’s security detail. They’ll use K-9 units to sweep the area, and various streets will be closed off, although officials won’t say which ones specifically .

City leaders are warning people who work downtown to be prepared for his arrival Wednesday afternoon, as it will affect rush hour traffic.

“Over the next two days, you should really anticipate some serious delays, and quite frankly, if you don’t have to be in the downtown area, just don’t come down here because there’s going to be a lot of street blockages,” Capt. Balderamma said.

We don’t have word yet on where the President will stay downtown. Last time he was in Oklahoma, he stayed at the Sheraton Hotel.

“It’s always exciting when a sitting president comes into town, so you expect to put up with some mild inconveniences and things like that. I certainly hope it doesn’t bring things to a screeching halt,” Ground Floor Café Manager Dan Corder said.

Thursday morning will also be hectic for downtown; that’s when President Obama will head to El Reno to tour the federal prison.

It’ll be the first time a sitting president has visited a federal prison.

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