Funeral directors get married at cemetery

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WINONA, Minn. —  Since the late 1800s, Woodlawn Cemetery in Winona, Minnesota has been a beautiful burial ground. It has seen countless funerals, but never a wedding. Until now.

“Oh, I’ve gotten all kinds of jokes,” said groom Lance Renberg, “We’ve had a couple people say, you know, when I say till death do us part should I look around?”

Renberg and Brittany Horton are not just co-workers, but they are funeral directors.

“When we met two years ago, I knew she was the one right away,” said Renberg, “In our profession we celebrate a life, so why not celebrate our beginning of our life together.”

“No one has ever been married at Woodlawn,” said newlywed Brittany Renberg, “so once they had the paperwork we signed it and we were on board from the get go.”

After hundreds of years of endings, Woodlawn Cemetery has a beginning.

“If you take away the cemetery aspect it’s just a great beautiful area,” said Brittany.

Of course, they couldn’t leave in any old vehicle.

“I’ve heard are you driving away in hearse? No, we aren’t doing that,” laughed Brittany.

“We are driving away in a black Cadillac.  You know, that would be in good taste,” said Lance.

The decision was a nod to the thousands of tombstones in attendance.


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