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“I havent had a home to call home in a long time,” 16-year-old looking for permanent family

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Makayla, who just turned 16-year-old, describes herself as a tomboy who likes to do 'girl stuff.'

She is incredibly social, has a lot of friends at school, and loves outdoor activities.

 “I love skateboarding. Skateboarding would have to be my most favorite thing to do,” Makayla said.

She has been skating for four years and has now mastered the RipStik.

 “It’s kind of like a skateboard, but it’s two wheels, so you have to move your hips,” she said.

In addition to skateboarding, she also spends her time playing softball.

“I did slow pitch my first time, just to get used to it, but then my coach moved me up to fast pitch,” Makayla said.

Even though she's only in the 10th grade, she already has ideas for the future.

"I want to go to OSU and play professional softball," she said.

Makayla was moved into DHS custody three years ago and is ready for a family.

"A lot of people ask me,'Oh, why do you want to get adopted? Why do you want to have a permanent family?' Well, my answer for that is because I haven't had a home to call home in a long time," Makayla said. "I want to be able to walk in the door and my family asking me, 'Hi honey, how was your day?' and 'How was school? Did you learn something new?"

"I just want people that you call mom and dad is my biggest thing, someone that I can trust," she said.

Makayla is wise beyond her 16 years, and is full of insight into life.

"I believe in myself, and that's the biggest thing in life. You have to believe in yourself before you can believe in anyone else," she said.

For more information on how you can adopt Makayla, call (405) 522-4176.

The process includes training and background checks.

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