Patients say Oklahoma doctor can perform ‘pain-free’ knee surgery

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Pain free knee surgery seems like a dream to most, but an Oklahoma doctor is making it a reality.

He's using a specific method to get patients up faster without the pain they would typically endure.

“I was hobbling. I was on a crutch and a brace and I was crying my eyes out,” said Janet Burks, who underwent the procedure.

It was pain Janet was trying to just live with, but couldn't.

Eighteen years after her first knee surgery and after at least 200 injections of cortisone and other pain killers, she was begging Dr. Paul Jacob to help.

“We want patients to understand you don't have to be afraid of this surgery,” Dr. Jacob said.

Dr. Jacob not only repaired both of Janet's knees, but had her up and moving around that very day.

“When you wake up from a big surgery like that and you think, ‘Oh my gosh, here it comes,’ and it never comes, that pain never hits you, it changes your whole outlook,” he said.

It has given Janet a new life. It put her literally back in the saddle, enjoying activities she thought were only in her past.

“Some days it brings me to tears to think I've been given a second chance on being active,” Janet said.

Dr. Jacob says it's possible for anyone to have similar results thanks to a non-narcotic medication he uses during surgery.

Tonight at 10 on NewsChannel 4, what that medicine is and how it's working to change the way knee surgery patients heal.

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