“Please turn yourself in,” Friends urge suspect to face penalty after crime spree

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LOGAN COUNTY, Okla. -- A Logan County man is on the run after an alleged early morning crime spree. At only 21-years-old, this suspect's friends are now begging him to turn himself in.

An arrest warrant was issued for Hezekiah Privett by the Logan County Sheriff's office last week. Privett is accused of being involved in a slew of second degree burglaries, crashing one stolen car, then stealing a Lexus.

And he allegedly did it all in a matter of hours early in July, and he hasn't been seen for days.

Hezekiah's night reportedly began outside Guthrie, off Midwest Boulevard, breaking into cars one by one.

"We were all hanging out at a friend's house, and he got really, really drunk," said Megan Irwin, Hezekiah's friend. "He went 'car hopping', and I guess he broke into bunch of people's vehicles."

Officials say his next stop was just down the road, where he took a PT Cruiser for a brief spin up I-35, before rolling the vehicle several times on the interstate.

"He was lucky to be alive," said Irwin.

Alive and alert, Hezekiah walked off the highway, then reportedly stole a Lexus off Pine Street where he picked up Megan and friends for a quick joy ride. After a few hours, the crew dropped the car off.

"[We] Thought that if we parked it close, they wouldn't suspect us, but we were totally wrong," explained Irwin. "I dunno if it was the excitement, or the adrenaline rush that I got, I thought it was okay at the time."

Now with a warrant for his arrest, Megan says Hezekiah has seemingly vanished.

"Hezekiah disappeared, nobody's seen him since, nobody's heard from him."

Logan County Sheriff's office posted his picture online looking for leads.

Their Facebook post also explains they're investigating multiple 'accessories who have helped or harbored Hezekiah as he eludes Law Enforcement.'

Megan and her girlfriend, Bree Moore, believe they've been part of that investigation.

The two are adamant they have no clue where Hezekiah might be hiding, and are begging their friend to face his punishment.

"You've hurt so many people, and you've hurt friends and family," said Irwin. "Please turn yourself in."

"Get a hold of your mom, or your family...you've got a lot of people worried about you," said Moore.

Anyone with information on Hezekiah, should contact the Logan County Sheriff's Office.


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