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Satirical petition to change restaurant’s name goes viral

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DES MOINES, Iowa — A satirical petition to change Cracker Barrel’s name was posted on July 9, 2015.

The creator of the petition, Ryan Koch, suggested that the famous restaurant chain change their name to Caucasian Barrel because  “the word ‘cracker’ in their title is offensive to white people.”

The original post reads:

“I say all of us European Americans start protesting C****er Barrel. It uses an offensive slur and it is deeply offensive and mocks our long and proud heritage…The name is offensive, their logo stereotypes European Americans as people who sit on chairs and lean against what appears to be a bourbon barrel, claiming we are all a bunch of alcoholics….Change the name C****er Barrel to Caucasian Barrel. After all, white people should have something to be offended by, too!”

The petition was signed by over 15,000 people in 3 days.

Koch took to the website to remind – or notify – people that the entire movement was a joke because society seems to be offended by everything.

“The petition was meant to shed light on how ridiculous all of the political correctness currently going on in the country is, and how we should focus on real issues such as crime, unemployment, veteran suicide, and corrupt politics rather than cater to everyone who feels they need to be offended… I do not in any way feel the need for, or want Cracker Barrel to change their name.”

“The petition is strictly for satirical and comedic purposes to show how ridiculous political correctness is getting in America,” he added.


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